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Since finding out we were expecting our first baby last December, we have photographed over 25 weddings in the Tucson area. Alisha will tell you it has been her favorite year yet for our photography business. This is due to our fabulous couples, company growth, and her growing tummy. Louis Michael Palm (aka Louie) is due in 10 days and writing about our journey seemed like the perfect way to celebrate him with all of you before he makes his grand entrance.

Like many couples, we were trying to find the perfect “time” to have a baby. Some words of advice, you will be searching for that perfect “time” forever. Luckily, August is a slower month for weddings in Tucson due to high temperatures and monsoon rains. His due date is within our target month and since we are both planners, we knew we were off to a good start.

I have been documenting Alisha’s pregnancy at every wedding we have photographed. I have never been prouder of my wife and she will have to write the next blog to let you in on her secrets to an amazing pregnancy journey.  In short, she says keep moving, smile, and drink water (a lot of water).

By month 6, she was really showing. The personal pregnancy stories from various wedding guests were always fun to hear. By the end of the night, she would receive comments that she is one of the hardest working ladies (pregnant or not) they had ever seen. I could not agree more; Alisha did not slow down, but actually increased her enthusiasm while shooting.

One of the major items on our "to do" list was to shoot her maternity session. Well, we were so busy editing wedding photos, we finally were able to check it off our list at 37 weeks of pregnancy.

We would like to thank Alisha’s mom and dad for helping with the shoot in the 100 degree heat and a very humid day in the desert. Mom was a great prop assistant and dad was our family photographer. With his photography talents, we were able to get some great shots together and with our sweet boy, Canon.

Now we wait for the little guy who could not have had better timing in our lives. We will see you all soon for wedding season and thank you for reading about our journey and letting us be a part of yours.

Steven and Alisha Palm of Steven Palm Photography are an award winning husband & wife wedding photography team based in Tucson. Why hire two wedding photographers? Read our Top 10 list here.

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