Top 10 Reasons a Second Photographer on Your Wedding Day is a Must

Do you need a second photographer on your wedding day? Yes! We can all agree couples definitely need to hire a professional photographer for their wedding day, but more and more of our couples are seeking out two professional photographers to ensure every moment of the day is covered.  As a husband and wife wedding photography team, we have compiled our top 10 reasons a second photographer on your wedding day is a must and is essential to knocking out all of your “must haves” on your photo list.

1. The Bride & Groom Getting Ready Rooms are Far Away

The bride’s prep location is at one end of the building and the groom is either at the other end or sometimes miles away.  There are so many great emotions happening during prep that you do not want to miss. On the bride’s side, there are lots of help from all of the ladies in the family, grandmas peeking in, tears as mom zips the daughter’s dress, laughing with sisters, and of course, the groom delivering either a gift or heartfelt note.  On the groom’s side, the guys are figuring out how to tie a bowtie, nephews are high fiving the groom, father and son helping each other look their best, and the groom opening up his note from his future love.

Don’t forget, you will also want to get first looks of dad seeing his little girl all dressed up and mom seeing her son in the tux for the first time.  Often, these moments are unpredictable and only allow us to capture since there are two of us shooting at two different locations.

2. While the Bride is On the Way to the Ceremony, Photo Opportunities are Everywhere

The bride is always the last to show for the ceremony to avoid any sneak peeks from her groom or guests, but a lot happens back at the ceremony location during this time.  Guests are arriving with their families looking their best and this is the perfect time to snap some photos so you have a reminder who was there (we told you it goes by fast, right?). People are signing the guest book, saying hi to the groom, and the groomsmen are giving their last, final piece of advice.

3. As the Bride Walks Down the Aisle (or winding staircase from a football field away), the Groom’s Face is a CAN’T Miss Moment

This is the moment; the bride is entering and no one is more excited than the groom.  We have seen an array of emotions on the groom’s face unfold as his bride gets closer and one us is there capture every single look on his face.  The other photographer is focused on the bride, picture perfect timing only documented by two photographers.

4. Family Photos & Cocktail Hour Happen at the Same Time

While one photographer is finishing up family or bridal party photos, the second shooter can be shooting some candids during cocktail hour.

You paid for a cocktail hour and might not be able to attend most (or any) of it.  Having photos of your guests enjoying your signature drinks and appetizers you hand selected months ago is a nice extra added to your collection of photos.

5. As the Last Candle is Lit in your Reception Room, the Bride is Always Bustling her Dress Tucked Away in Another Location

You have spent a lot of time (and money) planning your reception set up and a completely finished photo of the space is a must at every wedding. The staff is usually putting the finishing touches on your space at the very last moment and while that is happening, the bride has all her closest ladies around her in a room trying to figure out the bustle.  These photos are priceless and always involve a lot of laughter and teamwork.

6. When the Newly Married Couple are Done Eating, One Photographer is Always Ready

You receive your food first and sometimes a lot quicker than the larger guest tables, so you are ready to mingle with your guests and, of course, you want photos of it all. With two photographers, one can eat and reenergize (you need us for the rest of the night) while the other shadows you.   You are never looking around waiting for a photographer to come grab a shot of you and your favorites.

7. As the Couple Walks the Tables and Visits, They Will Usually Spilt Into Two Different Directions

It’s a funny thing we see at most weddings, you start off walking around together than your aunt pulls you over to one table while your bridal party pulls the other to the bar to take a celebratory shot.  Either direction, you  will want photos of those people and the memories being made.

8. Two Photographers Can Cover Twice as Many Angles

Doesn’t everyone want a variety of angles from their wedding?  Everywhere you turn there is a photo opportunity and two photographers can cover it.  This is especially true for the ceremony, toasts and 1st dance.  These moments happen fast and there are no redo’s, make sure they are documented.

9. The Reception is Filled With so Much Activity Inside & Outside

Some grooms will get down on the dance floor all night, but there will be time where the guys decide to head outside and the bride stays on the dance floor surrounded by her family.  These are great moments that are happening simultaneously and are must have photos for the couple.

10. Never Miss a Moment...

There are so many other moments throughout the day that are unplanned and beautiful. Having two photographers available allows you to relax and know we have it covered.  Your wedding day, after all, feels like it happens faster than the speed of love.

Bonus Points: Book a husband and wife team that works together at every wedding.   You will have the female/male balance and they will know how to work together flawlessly.

Can you think of any other reasons a second photographer on your wedding day is a must? Have you seen us in action? Let us know below in the comments!  Steven Palm Photography is a husband and wife team based in Tucson, Arizona and photographs up to 50 weddings per year.

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