Skyline Country Club

Most notable for the winding staircase and city views, Skyline Country Club, is a breathtaking venue for weddings in Tucson, Arizona.

The ceremony on the lawn is second to none. Couples can really decorate their space as much or as little as they want. The lush grass and palm trees make it a great location without little effort.

Couples can choose from either the Crown Room or Skyline Room to host the reception depending on number of guests attending. Both rooms show up the view on top of the hill with city views.

As Tucson Wedding Photographers, this property is stellar. A short drive down the hill towards the mountains is a popular location for photos. Without leaving the property, couples can walk around the resort for unique photo opportunities on the staircase and the bridge. The location also is the perfect place to capture one of Tucson's beautiful sunsets.

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