Hotel Congress

The Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson is a trendy, vintage spot for weddings. It was built in 1919 and carries a lot of history for Tucson.

The Copper Hall is the popular room to say "I Do" and can change quickly into the reception room. The food is fresh and fun and your guests will enjoy the ambiance of the venue. At night the copper hall walls glow under chandeliers and candlelight. It is a private room for you and your guests to enjoy the night.

The entire street comes alive near the hotel at night and party goers can easily continue their celebrations here or at another bar or nightclub. After the day is done, guests can retreat to their own vintage style room.

As Tucson wedding photographers, we enjoy the hip city vibe this hotel has. Our couples are always fun and unique that choose this venue. We love the archways, roof top, and walking around the city with our couples to get some fantastic photos.

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