Desert Diamond Casino

Weddings at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson are a popular choice for receptions with a large guest count. The ballrooms can hold 300 of your closest friends and the coordinators are very helpful with making it the party of your dreams.

The casino is a 7 minutes drive from the airport and offers beautiful guest rooms at an affordable price with an airport shuttle. In addition, the hotel has a nice pool area for friends and family to hang out and enjoy the beautiful Tucson weather.

As Tucson wedding photographers, we love many things about this hotel for weddings. The large hotel rooms are well lit and there is plenty of room to get ready in. Also, the high ceilings and clean, spacious reception rooms offer the couple the opportunity to really personalize the space for their day. The casino has a lively feel to it that will keep the party going throughout the weekend.

In the past, we have seen a lot of couples marry in a church and head to the Desert Diamond Casino for their reception. The location is local to everything and provides a good option for a reception venue.

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